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Is HD a sinister mind control cult? Discuss.

Dear Chrisg666

thank you so much for your comments on .

I have been waiting more than 7 years for someone, anyone, with your intelligence and experience to discuss Human Design at this level. I plan to contact you privately via Vox and continue there, as I feel it is best to compare notes and specifics before presenting any further discussion to the public.

Then again... here are some initial reactions to what you say.

I am trained myself in conversational hypnosis, I did the Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis twice with Annee Linden and Stephen Goldstone of the New York Institute of NLP, as well as extensive training in NLP with John Grinder the co-founder of all such trainings, Genie Laborde, and unfortunately Tony Robbins, and others (Ross Jeffries, Mark Cunningham, people I consider top in their particular fields). It was a phase of my life for most of the 1990s.

Ra is technically in a hypnotic trance, and has often been assisted by drugs, whilst presenting his talks on Human Design. That in itself brings a hypnotic quality in his voice and talks. So it is natural to resonate and enter a trance state yourself in the presence of anyone able to hold that state themselves whilst holding a conversation or lecture.

If there are technical Ericksonian techniques, I have not found them, and I never really let up my radar on conversational hypnosis in my own life, despite my comfort in most of the trance states. I dislike the abuse of anyone by covert hypnosis. I have simply not detected any deliberate attempts at all by any of the Human Design professionals that I know.

Now, the results, that is another matter, there, I have to say there is some evidence that the RESULTS of how HD has impacted people are broadly consistent with a sinister mind control cult.

My own opinion is that is a sad consequence of personality flaws in Ra Uru Hu to a SMALL extent, and the preschool training of modern society to make people blind dumb sheep who listen to and obey parents priests poets and politicians. This is a tragedy, that most people are walking zombies as if with a slot to jam in any idiot's mind control programming. I certainly grew up in that modality and have the pain and years of attempting to throw all that off, I consider myself largely clean of it, compared to many others, and I refuse to involve myself in using such simple but dangerous methods to help others.

Some of us are trained by stupid parents and schooling to be victims of any random mind control cult - there is a HUGE demand for such slavery in this world, and I feel that HD is on an unfair playing field when we the customers turn every thing from Jesus to Madonna to Wallace and Gromit into some form of mind control cult, our needs are that desperate basically.

In conclusion, I divide Human Design into 2 parts - an increasingly fluffy tendency to dogma and unchallenged assertions validated ONLY by the master, and those items that can and indeed must be empirically tested and validated. I have to say, it remains incomplete, and perhaps dangerously incomplete, if we continue to patch the missing pieces together only with untestable dogma.

Oho Cafe, Bangkok, just arrived for a few days, 10:00am Choose day 6 July 2010

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This page is rightly deleted from Wikipedia, the HD system is a commercial pyramid which whilst being a novelty to those having their initial reading by one of thousands of "analysts" has a dark side worthy of any mind control cult. Notable is that the "lectures/ awareness briefings" are given by one person only (Alan (Robert) Krakower).. by all means listen to the systematic dismantling of an individual's core beliefs in the name of enlightenment, but please read this first.

At the level at which an individual(female target group)makes changes to their relationship status at the behest of the self appointed Guru "Ra you are you who" this turns from a parlor game into a dangerous belief system for those who have become ensnared in the misappropriated language, doublespeak, and dogma.

I am qualified as a former student of this organisation.


PS: from Mahalo

Ra has refused to answer me several times WHAT IS HYPNOSIS? I presume he has no idea. He experiences many levels of cognition that need - he says - some alliance with a plant (hallucinogenic substances, or simply touching the leaves, in his theory) or animal (witch's cat etc.) but hypnosis is human to human, no plants or animals involved. Are entities involved? If so, how? Is hypnosis merely a mistaken concept - there are entities, there is control, we are not as we think, what is really going on - note his comment that almost all people (=anyone with half a tribal channel) are DESIGNED for deep (and life changing?) influence with disembodied entities types 1 through 6..

This is the key question. What is really going on with hypnosis, mind control, etc. Why is it so deeply attractive to us to BE controlled, to be absent here, to abdicate from all that matters here, and just be present "there"?

What is the shamanic world? What is the reality that people enter where we become "controlled" here, in this reality? It is URGENT to understand what we are talking about.

To simply say, ah, this is a mind control cult, avoid it, is to botch the opportunity to penetrate and resolve all this. WHY why why do we have mind control cults, why so many people NEED this, and I would say, 98% of people need this? What is going on?