Monday, 5 July 2010

Is HD a sinister mind control cult? Discuss.

Dear Chrisg666

thank you so much for your comments on .

I have been waiting more than 7 years for someone, anyone, with your intelligence and experience to discuss Human Design at this level. I plan to contact you privately via Vox and continue there, as I feel it is best to compare notes and specifics before presenting any further discussion to the public.

Then again... here are some initial reactions to what you say.

I am trained myself in conversational hypnosis, I did the Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis twice with Annee Linden and Stephen Goldstone of the New York Institute of NLP, as well as extensive training in NLP with John Grinder the co-founder of all such trainings, Genie Laborde, and unfortunately Tony Robbins, and others (Ross Jeffries, Mark Cunningham, people I consider top in their particular fields). It was a phase of my life for most of the 1990s.

Ra is technically in a hypnotic trance, and has often been assisted by drugs, whilst presenting his talks on Human Design. That in itself brings a hypnotic quality in his voice and talks. So it is natural to resonate and enter a trance state yourself in the presence of anyone able to hold that state themselves whilst holding a conversation or lecture.

If there are technical Ericksonian techniques, I have not found them, and I never really let up my radar on conversational hypnosis in my own life, despite my comfort in most of the trance states. I dislike the abuse of anyone by covert hypnosis. I have simply not detected any deliberate attempts at all by any of the Human Design professionals that I know.

Now, the results, that is another matter, there, I have to say there is some evidence that the RESULTS of how HD has impacted people are broadly consistent with a sinister mind control cult.

My own opinion is that is a sad consequence of personality flaws in Ra Uru Hu to a SMALL extent, and the preschool training of modern society to make people blind dumb sheep who listen to and obey parents priests poets and politicians. This is a tragedy, that most people are walking zombies as if with a slot to jam in any idiot's mind control programming. I certainly grew up in that modality and have the pain and years of attempting to throw all that off, I consider myself largely clean of it, compared to many others, and I refuse to involve myself in using such simple but dangerous methods to help others.

Some of us are trained by stupid parents and schooling to be victims of any random mind control cult - there is a HUGE demand for such slavery in this world, and I feel that HD is on an unfair playing field when we the customers turn every thing from Jesus to Madonna to Wallace and Gromit into some form of mind control cult, our needs are that desperate basically.

In conclusion, I divide Human Design into 2 parts - an increasingly fluffy tendency to dogma and unchallenged assertions validated ONLY by the master, and those items that can and indeed must be empirically tested and validated. I have to say, it remains incomplete, and perhaps dangerously incomplete, if we continue to patch the missing pieces together only with untestable dogma.

Oho Cafe, Bangkok, just arrived for a few days, 10:00am Choose day 6 July 2010

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This page is rightly deleted from Wikipedia, the HD system is a commercial pyramid which whilst being a novelty to those having their initial reading by one of thousands of "analysts" has a dark side worthy of any mind control cult. Notable is that the "lectures/ awareness briefings" are given by one person only (Alan (Robert) Krakower).. by all means listen to the systematic dismantling of an individual's core beliefs in the name of enlightenment, but please read this first.

At the level at which an individual(female target group)makes changes to their relationship status at the behest of the self appointed Guru "Ra you are you who" this turns from a parlor game into a dangerous belief system for those who have become ensnared in the misappropriated language, doublespeak, and dogma.

I am qualified as a former student of this organisation.


PS: from Mahalo

Ra has refused to answer me several times WHAT IS HYPNOSIS? I presume he has no idea. He experiences many levels of cognition that need - he says - some alliance with a plant (hallucinogenic substances, or simply touching the leaves, in his theory) or animal (witch's cat etc.) but hypnosis is human to human, no plants or animals involved. Are entities involved? If so, how? Is hypnosis merely a mistaken concept - there are entities, there is control, we are not as we think, what is really going on - note his comment that almost all people (=anyone with half a tribal channel) are DESIGNED for deep (and life changing?) influence with disembodied entities types 1 through 6..

This is the key question. What is really going on with hypnosis, mind control, etc. Why is it so deeply attractive to us to BE controlled, to be absent here, to abdicate from all that matters here, and just be present "there"?

What is the shamanic world? What is the reality that people enter where we become "controlled" here, in this reality? It is URGENT to understand what we are talking about.

To simply say, ah, this is a mind control cult, avoid it, is to botch the opportunity to penetrate and resolve all this. WHY why why do we have mind control cults, why so many people NEED this, and I would say, 98% of people need this? What is going on?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Revelations that make me go wow!

18 May 2010 Siem Reap

Shadow of Angkor Cafe, Riverside, 14h00

I just realised something, and I want to make a written blog. But first of all, I have started a radio blog, audio, intended for the new Human Design Radio. Maybe you found it here on my blog already, but it has been great fun making that, and a step back in my own personal history. Back at college, I was the first breakfast DJ and also DJ co-ordinator for Cambridge University Radio, and I am continuing a format of radio bulletin I developed and loved making back then. Basically I love sounds, I love the way sounds paint pictures in people's heads, and just how very different and how very personal and how almost real that can be. So I like to use background sounds in my audio, and I do not think anyone else has done that on Human Design Radio or the recently closed Jovian Archive Radio.

Quite frankly, I found JAR boring. I found it indulgent. That is me. OK. Me. I am an entertainer, since I was underage, I played piano in pubs in the UK, and I learnt just as Elton John has said, playing pub piano you learn it is what the customer wants, not what you want. I had to entertain or go. I place enormous value on being entertaining, it is something I like to include here also, although sometimes my passion and emotions are there instead, well, anyway. Human Design Radio may actually broadcast my audio blogs, not sure yet, and in any case, the stimulation of that format brings new life to me.

But my life is mutation, drastic changes, as always, are afoot.

WIthin a couple of hours of Mahalo Radio Blog001 - Pub Street Cambodia, I walked out on my girlfriend, the Princess. If Blog002 is ever made public, I do not know, but it has some fascinating spontaneous revelations about the sacral journey. It also embodies the morning after a personal breakup.

Blog003 is an Introduction to Mahalo. So the Blog I made this morning, oh my goodness, 004 already? The meat. Why I use swimming, dance, music, sauna, to get into my body, every day, and how important it is to disconnect the mind every day.

Ah - lunch. Back soon.


Wow! I keep over using that word. Wow!

I am more experimental and daring now with my PHS diet. 4 years if I remember correctly, on this diet, since the Toronto Penta, whenever that was. An Ibiza or three later, Ra clarified an important point, that whenever I get a sacral response to eat something mixed, the do it. Strategy and Authority trump PHS, basically.

It is challenging and also boring to get PHS diet number one, the one by one diet, nothing mixed. I can sense I have eaten something too mixed just now, but I know the exact point where mixedness overwhelmed my system. Before that, the wow is because I felt my body, my body, what can I say, not my body, my essence like tentacles, reaching into the food, tasting deeply, so deeply, each thing. My eyes tend to guide me often, especially with food, I often find myself staring at something on a plate or something on a menu list and I take that as a signal to my mind that my body wants or needs that to eat NOW! I have just eaten poodle with sea food and mixed vegetable. Sorry, noodle, not poodle. I told you I was an entertainer. Cannot resist the joke, every time, but how many people catch it? Never mind.

Although this dish was cooked together, so there was a mixedness in the flavour overall, as I chop sticked around it, selecting what my eyes stared at unconsciously, as it were, and yes, I am well connected to my unconscious, Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis, but naturally shamanically gifted from birth, I suspect. My body started to ooomph. Just reach like tentacles for the purer taste, of each thing, and it reached some extraordinary climaxes. The cabbage, tasting like heaven, so in your face, in my mouth. The prawns, oh give me more, give me more. Slobbering now. Then the onion, oh. My. God. Onion? Uh? What is happening to me, who cares, just wow! Onion, just cooked exactly so, and yes, mixed with an overall flavour but a very dry cooking, not soggy, so that was a mere surface dusting, I could scrape off the debris of wrong cooking and my tongue and yearning just oomphed into pure onion taste, and I wonder, why do people take
drugs? I mean, I have these experiences, so often in my life, I have yet to comment on what I experience during massage, another day, ok.

So now, fanfare please, thank you.

The reason I started writing THIS blog is a sudden realisation, a new one, oh I love that, tickle me someone... oh yes, yes, YES! YEEESSSSSSS! Skewze me, just a little public orgasm there. Nothing to worry about, no, thank you, I don't need a tissue.

Um. Perhaps I do. Ok. ok.

Don't look! OK back to the flow, realisation, it is this. What, out of time? No. OK.

I opened my Rave Yi Jing to hexgram 2, and there it says in brown letters, THE RECEPTIVE... Receptivity as the primal base through which any response is determined. The root of action.

Utter Gobbledegook, eh? Exactly.

But then the gook degobbled, suddenly it made perfect sense, in a new way, a new powerful insight, that Human Design talks about sacral RESPONSE and the many times Ra has been ugly in his frustration that people did not RESPOND as he wished. That RESPOND seemed simple to him, and clearly other people were idiots, I have heard his blah blah and I feel, yeah, Mr Poo, all the world are idiots, but upgrade your message and idiots can hear. And here is a pure nugget, RESPOND means first of all RECEPTIVITY.

That was not obvious, until I mention it now, and we go, oh yes, of course, but do you see? No dont worry, I can Einstein this alone if necessary. 'Look at that hexagram number 2, six lines of Yin, six lines of female receptivity, and who has that power of femality? Femaility? Female depth, all right? Who is that female? Six bloody depths of it, oh sorry, madame, bad choice of words, sorry sorry.

The mystery is solved, master! Mastery is now possible, if only we get it clear. Responding actually means being really really really really really really Receptive. That is six reallies, six depths of receptivity and for a world of zombie heads, tortured by parents priests poets politicians and other people beginning with P, that is a lot of urine.

Now eye know Wai it is so challenging to walk the sacral journey. You need a level of femininity that is unusual even in women today. Not needing to flounce or wear a little black dress, although I come to think of it. But to have that as a normality, for it only takes a moment to grip the cock of reality. Yes, to embrace the moment is something so feminine, that very few people have any idea how to go about it.

There is a deep resistance to the sacral journey, the way you live Human Design in your daily life, I see it everywhere, I know it myself, I know the difference recently that I have dared to embrace. And it is surely powered by my own ability to suck in the moment, embrace the neutrinos maybe, the flavour, the penetration of "now". Just enough to decide, and then as the fortune cookie says, The Root Of Action. Action results like the way a bow and arrow stretch back before shooting forth.

Well. Well well well well well.

Deep, eh?

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Fw: Mahalo Radio Blog demo, what do you think?

Suddenly mutation.

Last night I made a new style, audio blog.

Intended actually for the new Human Design Radio.

If the wonders of computing allow, it is attached and should be available here if you want to listen.

Mahalo, Siem Reap, 16 May 2010.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Another Magical Sacral Moment in my life

Phnom Penh 12 May 2010 8h48 Chivas Shack Cafe

Extraordinary. Exciting. My sacral has done something magical again, and I like it. Just a small moment, but the magic is magic, to me.

So much to say, no time, sorry. But here is the DETAIL from now, so insignificant perhaps in the flows and wonderfulness. OVERWHELMING coincidences everywhere, again, as in my bizarre time what, 3 years ago, after the Toronto Penta with Ra Uru Hu, when I first started my PHS diet.

So I went as I often do to the Indochine 2 cafe for breakfast, and it just smelt odd. And my usual tables were full, it just felt, oh oh, to my sacral. I walk up the road, not knowing where for breakfast, and a place I wondered about many times, next door to the Lemongrass Restaurant, another coincidence, as my business in Siem Reap is also called Lemongrass, and I decide to have breakfast.

Here I met 2 Americans, a professor of Political Science about to bring her students here from the US, what a culture shock they will have, and an Anthropologist over on holiday from his work in the Philippines. Now, I studied Social and Political Science at Cambridge many years ago, oh baby and the Princess have arrived, I have NO TIME any more for my blog, but I have some records started, if not posted, for the book I intend to make of all this period all the same.

yes, ok, baby and princess have gone as they want Khmer simple breakfast not English, and I am all yours for maybe 10 seconds longer. Busy day today, bus at lunch time planned for Siem Reap, probably a taxi as that would be in just 3 hours and we have to buy what we need to set up a new clothing store in Siem Reap, my dream, Mahalo fashion design is a breath away now.

So at Cambridge my thesis was on Rastafarianism in Jamaica, 1935-75, and I do tend to get passionate about some aspects of social science and all that if I meet another academic. We had a great chat. The Professor wonders why the Prime Minister of Thailand has not called an election, and I am surprised, sometimes I wonder if my mother is correct that the most basic level of education in the UK, the A Level that is for my own family, already quite advanced for some I agree, way ahead of most of my own girlfriends, well, that basic level would be a professor in the US of A. Thailand politics, I stayed there one year or a little more, through yellow shirts and red shirts and I also know personally S P Somtow, who publishes the best daily blog on Thai life and also their politics. I explain why to her, and feel a little embarrassed, I am just an amateur, she is bringing students from the US and I am teaching her the basics of Thai politics, I must be
delusional? But the thing is that Human Design predicts the collapse of Western style democracy, and I do not tell her any of that, but it gives me a magical window onto the truth beyond the facts.

Never mind. So they ask what I do, I now own a business in Siem Reap I say, and this is the Sacral coincidence that blows me away. They both saw and noticed the Lemongrass Garden while they were there a couple of days ago. That is astonishing. Either it is more true than I believe already, that everyone seems to be buzzing about our new success. Sure it looks good, I am an artist, a graphic sensualist, I know how to do that, but even so, while it is in I think a good position, until we took over, that position was not thought to be so good. In fact, very few people knew that place existed before. The previous owner is jealous now, wants to buy it back, well, start by doubling the price, we might consider, but we both LOVE that business.

Meanwhile the love triangle I have failed to post about, but have written about and is stored here, that continues.

Best of wishes to all who read my blog, sorry for the absence, the blog exists, so contact me for direct subscription if you want to keep up to date with those incomplete or possibly illegal blogs I have no time to check over and which remain unposted for some weeks now. They exist. Subscribe and I can inform you if you agree these are blogs in progress, without legal prejudice if I comment to openly about others, and often trail off unfinished for now.

I am just too busy and LOVING my life. I NEVER thought I could do that again, for so many years, i am LOVING my life now.

And it is such a roller coaster and passionate and impossible soap opera, I just would not believe a film of my life now. Thank you Ra. Thank you, for making my life magical although, sure it took years, it is magical now. Thanks.

Or in Hawaiian, the word would be


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I Just Knew - but so what...

I just KNEW Paris airport would be open in time for my flight, and I just KNEW my flight could be ok.


Phnom Penh, 21 April 2010 - El Mundo Cafe, 12h30

I am a knower, it is my chart, this is one of the most extreme proofs of Human Design I ever found. I DO KNOW. I just KNOW.

I knew.

I knew.

I also know that I am perfectly happy to stay on a little longer here, but I also fear that suddenly I HAD A SEAT, I WAS THE FIRST FLIGHT that was OK, and they told me to forget about it. I am now 10,000 people back in the queue.

I had a wonderful afternoon, evening, morning, in Phnom Penh.

Just found the most BEAUTIFUL cloth for new staff uniforms at our "shop" - as The Princess calls it. Sometimes I think the Gods, or coincidence, is smiling at me.

Off to the Thai Airways office to say, Oy! I was booked on that flight, the airport re-opened, so did it go after all? WITHOUT ME!??


Java Cafe, Phnom Penh, April 21 2010, 14h45

Well, Paris Charles de Goal Hair port did re-open yesterday, and Air France was on the button and flying passengers to and from Bangkok straight away.

Thai Airways is another story. All their planes and staff are in the wrong places, and it takes 2 days to get everything ready to restart. So indeed, the airport was open for my flight, but there was no airplane, no staff, no meals, no nothing, and I am indeed at the end of a very long queue to get to Europe.

It could be worse. I could be stranded in the "Grey Country", as I have always called it, but with volcanic ash everywhere, perhaps the UK is a little more grey for everyone to see.

Maybe 60,000 Thai Airways passengers are ahead of me in the queue, and the next available seat to Paris, is THREE WEEKS from now. I am having a coffee to rethink what to do.

I wonder what my sacral is up to - to enter Human Design thinking for a spoonful. Human Design dogma, I mean nollidge, says that the body actually KNOWS the co-incidences in the path ahead. OK, so why am I in this situation? Yes, I discover Phnom Penh is much more delightful and fun than I thought.

But I seem to be stuck here in Asia, for some time longer than I wanted.

Oh never mind, I will find out in the flow of life I suppose.

What The ... Was That?

Phnom Penh, April 20 2010

Dara Reang Sey Hotel, 18h30

It is a strangely sweet relief to be "stranded". While the Thai Airways website promised negotiations to reroute my flight to Paris into Toulouse, which is where I am headed anyway, it also said now go to your local Thai Airways office, wherever you are, and they make all the arrangements.

Nobody answering the telephone or emails at Thai Air, not in Bangkok and not in Phnom Penh. So this morning, I went to the Thai Air office, where the staff had never heard of Toulouse, or any plans, or news, they knew less than I did. All passengers are stranded, that is how it is, but what about what it says on the website, for example, could I reroute to Madrid? Madrid, Ma... Drid...? OK, in 2 weeks time? No. Ohoh! No.

So I thought I was in the front of the queue, maybe one of the first to get home to Europe, because I had a ticket and Toulouse airport is not closed, and either the staff were stupid, to be expected here in Cambodia, and I am sitting here while my empty seat flies to France tonight, or I am suddenly at the back of a queue of 10,000 people all with tickets on Thai airways to Europe.

But I am strangely happy. I never liked Phnom Penh, but this time it seems ok. Here is a funny story, my friend Jean Luc who runs the Tigre de Papier in Siem Reap, he recommended a printers to me in Phnom Penh. All the rest are too expensive and bad quality, he said, mention his name and we get a good price. Which I did. We need promotional leaflets, and also multi-part coupons in white, blue, pink, and yellow, for every sale to a customer. I have been joyously graphic designing, maybe I can attach the file here in the blog? I found I knew exactly what to do, and have incorporated many new and original features in the design - a customer satisfaction survey that in my view, we do not need to ask a customer to fill in. We hand them the bill with the dollar total in a square box, a great improvement on the other designs used here, and a pen wil be casually available, and I predict our customers will want to circle one of the smiley faces. We may
even get a name and email, or quotable comment and a signature, it just may work, without a whisper of a word from our receptionist, and that is DESIGN, that, that, that is DESIGN. I love it.

The printer prints 100 sets of four copies in a "booklet", and the standard order is 100 booklets. Another printer charges $130. So when this recommended printer said "one hundred, sixty dollars", I presumed he was more expensive at $160. I even phoned Jean Luc to whinge about this, and when I saw the printer this morning, can you do cheaper, no, no, no, no, no. But here is the thing, I decided, I like this family, I will pay the extra anyway, and took the file to his wife, as he had left town for business.

Turns out he meant 100 booklets, just $60. Me, hopeless at business, I was ready to pay $160, just because I like the family.

And unlike so many in Cambodia, in Asia, and beyond, they have the integrity to say, no, just $60, you are a friend of Jean Luc.

Uranus the Unusual is in a special place that Genoa Bliven - head of Human Design America - described as putting our lips to the mystical cup. I agree. The gate of Innocence. which tends to recieve shocks and scars, but in the flow, can be where you reach the magic and mystery of shamanism, in your mundane existence.

Anyway I am happy today.

The sun has been sneaking through hexagram 3, Difficulty at the Beginning, for a few days now, currently where, line 4 or 5? Both my laptops are step by step more buggered every day, I have no way to Czech on the software anymore. Oh I could look on my lovely Ephemeris, where did I put that... oh, in the outer pocket of my suitcase, which is just next to me here.. just a moment...

Moving to line 5 at 2pm GMT, I am in GMT+7, that is 9pm, in a couple of hours. So we must be in colour 6, innocent observation, that feels like it is true for now. I am so laid back, it is weird. FUCCKKKK<KKK< !!!

What the HELOLO was that?

Some spirit here in the room? Uhuhm

Suddenly I am drenched in water. SHOCK to the INNOCENCE. UNUSUALNESS - uranus. Moronic Princess left a water trap to explode over me, her bloody Lotus Flowers in a glass, and my eyesight is not suited to something that can drench me without me realising what is going on.

Time to stop blogging

Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanic Ash? Seems ten thousand kilometers away.

Phnom Penh, 19 April 2010

17h, Mekong River Cafe

I am rather enjoying the volcanic ash cloud disruption. So my sincere apologies to all those whose lives are disrupted, but here I am stuffing my face with lamb chops and coffee, on the bank of the Mekong river, and Phnom Penh seems a happier town than when I have been here before.

I just replied to someone on wikipedia, he (or she?) is just a number, no name given, but very active in editing the embryonic article and also advising me. I think these wikigeeks basically have a good heart, shame about the belief in concepts and truth, oh, I had all that beaten out of me with successive tragedies and absurd moments of my ludicrous and unlikely life. There is no order in the mathematics of a splash, and the mathematics of paint splashing is truly the mathematics of reality. What is profoundly and disturbingly absurd, is that human design (over at wikipedia, Capital Letters are reserved for the Pope, and the Queen (= the rock group) etc) or Human Design, wgaf (=Hu Gives a Truck) seems able to map some of this mathematics of flow and reality as a dance of consciousness in material bubbles.

Ah, life. Volcanic ash, just look at the map, dare I copy it from the BBC, yes I dare, the ash burst forth in quiet and polite neighbour to Europe, Iceland, such a nice country, never did anything like this before, except mess up the financial system and go bankrupt, and all that Gaia puss and grey vomit headed straight for the UK and then washed on to the EEC. Oh my! Reminds me of the diagrams my Geography Teacher father made to show the flow of winds on the planet. The earth is rotating, so the winds all get caught in the what the planet rotates, and the convection of the hot tropics and the colder poles. Ash from Iceland, no choice, the UK and then the EEC, oh dear, but funny if you are not personally affected.

I am personally effected, unless Paris airport is declared open to Thai flight 930 from Bangkok tomorrow night. But I can quite happily stay on here for a couple of days, for the princely sum of $15 a night, I have a pleasant room in the Dara Reang Sey Hotel, near the riverfront. Ah, lazy days.

Only they are not. We are here, the Princess and baby and I, to get printing. But mummy is ill, so the Princess has gone to her province and her mother seems ok for now, on a drip, which is all the local doctors know to do here, and the family lotus farm, I hear, is delightful. Lotii are in a taxi heading back my way at this very moment.

Hexagrams Schmexagrams, I cannot be energised to muck with all that today. I am delighted to be graphic, designing, step by step the image for our promotion is getting better and better, I remain hopefull we will indeed Suck Seed where others merely wonder Wai, I am loving my life for the first time in many many years.

It is just so pleasant here today and no, it is not different, I, I, I am different, I suppose. Or is the world dancing?

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Taxi to Pong Ping Thom

Pong Ping Thom, Cambodia, 18 April 2010

12h30, American Cafe

I hope I don't get ill. Now there is a stupid thought to have. I remain healthy and well. Here we are stopped en route for Pnomm Penn, to spell it correctly, as opposed to the French spelling more usually used.

I love opposites, contradictions in flow, and I found a real whopper here. The American Cafe, Pong Ping Thom. The most disgusting toilets, and kitchen and general look to the place, I had forgotten Cambodia is in the developing world, with all the new and very clean places in Siem Reap now. And in this dirt, a New Yorker has created what probably is original pizza and original home made ice cream, I think I'll give it a miss. The omelette and chips will suit me, and Vietnamese coffee? Here goes...

Well, the chips seem ok, but the oil on the plate after I have eaten the omelette looks rather brown. The princess took one look at the toilet and left for a local but classier place. Ah the coffee is as it says, Vietnamese, different flavour, but nothing mucked about with, as too often the case locally. Just coffee beans and hot water, that is ok.

I have notices a different soul in all of the world these last couple of days. I do not know how else to say it, there is no word suitable. The moment I reaslised was last night, getting back late to the shop, and sure, it looks good now, the lighting and the expensive oil paintings on the walls, the piano playing Chopin in reception, and there was just a happy glow in customers and staff, a genuine family feeling that you sometimes see in old fashioned movies, that easy, happy, joy, of people at home and contented.

I am a believer, it says so in my chart, but I struggled to realise what that meant until now I suppose. I do believe, I want and need to. A better age is coming, I so need that, my life was so challenging, and always that question, why, why, why me? Why my life with these setbacks, and why the constant protection too, I had enough money, I was cherished by the Gods to survive relatively comfortably whilst alienated socially for my autism, and I now realise, for my Human Design aura.

It is definitely time to emerge from my Chrysalis and fly.

Maybe I am a sixth line being after all.

Whilst waiting for (or delaying?) the taxi this morning, I put a stink bomb in wikipedia. We will see. I just felt, ah, I will do this. NOW.

So many planetary changes these last days, every commentator is out of their dust jackets and claiming a different planet is changing our world. Too rushed to quote any or remember it, just there is a sea change, I feel it.

More later

Taxi is waiting


El Mundo Cafe, Phnom Penh, 18h33

As a rule, I dislike Phnom Penh. But today I sense some progress here, little details, where it is settling down as well as exploding and falling apart. Anyway, the contradictions that I love, these are just now very apparent with the Princess. We have discussed this a little, and there is something in what we to together, that seems AMAZING, and also what other people want, it is fascinating. As Mahalo, the artist, I never sold a single painting. $16,000 spent, on the Mahalo Cambodia project, of course some say I am just deranged, delusional, and unable to do anything in the world. A lot of people say the same thing about the Princess. But meeting an old friend here in Phnom Penh, my faithful driver Mr Marra, Phnom Penh 0123 67769, tuktuk driver, taxi driver, motorcycle taxi, 10 years Buddhist monk and now this, I always say, and I've known him 5 years now, Buddha is with us when we drive through the mad and dangerous PP traffic. Anyway, he
knows me some years, with my enthusiasms, as someone once called them, aways spending money, on artistic this and that, lovely stuff, and never ever is anyone going to repay me, spend anything on anything that I do, I am or have always been just a colourful and rather eccentric, harmless, curiosity. Also back in the UK, ask the manager at in Ashford, Mike always spent so much on arty printing, never got any bizness sense.

Something magical is happening, I sense it in the world, and those changes in the planets recently, perhaps - oh I am just delusional again, perhaps. 5/2 profile, delusional by nature nothing to cure it. But there is something that created in the opposite ways of the Princess and I, and people like it. Oh, by the way, I have a few weeks more with the transit of blah blah in boo boo making the channel of Succeeding Where Others Fail, and Failing Where Others Suck Seed.

I have to book my ticket to Toulouse, my hotel in Paris, and you know, maybe the ash cloud over Europe will affect my flight, nobody is sure, but for now Paris and most of the other European airports remain closed. I think I may just get the travel agent to bother Thai airways about this tomorrow, until I get some answer. I kind of sense I will be stuck in PP a little longer. With the Princess driving me crazy...

Ciao for Now

Friday, 16 April 2010

Navigating Co-incidence

Navigating Coincidence

Siem Reap, 17 April 2010

Tigre de Papier Restaurant, 13h33

Co-incidence is on my mind, and for me, co-incidence is the central concept and reality of Human Design. And this is where Mahalo says something unique and I believe different to anyone else.

It just seems logical to me.

Take this example. I am flying to Europe, needed a ticket from some place in Asia to some place in Europe, and I am really flexible. There is no direct flight from Siem Reap to London, or Toulouse, which is where I plan to be first. I just followed my flow, and finally a few days back, after going into the travel agent twice and him saying, come back another day, he had the most amazing price and ticket. Phnom Penh, change planes in Bangkok, Thai Air all the way to Paris. Perfect, and just $1000, return, flexible return date, everything I wanted. I really wanted to get to Paris instead of London, just Paris in Springtime, I want some romance, some je ne sais quoi, and also I get to see my son in Toulouse while he is still on school holidays.

The fact is the ticket was suddenly available, and only for that day and place, something to do with the political violence in Bangkok. We will see if I actually get all the way, but my intuition is happy, Bangkok airport is still operating fine, I can transit there no problem. I also get to spend a couple of days in Phnom Penh, hate the place, but need to see printers and other supplies for the shop. So all is good.

Now there is a volcanic ash cloud over Europe, I thought Paris was ok, but it looks like high pressure is holding the ash where it is and all flights to Paris and London are cancelled. There is no way I could get that ticket at that price, forget it, everyone is rescheduled. I am sure it will be a crowded flight, and all European airports are closed for several days and there will be a large backlog of passengers. Probably someone will offer me money to delay my journey, we will see...

If I get through and happy, then I say co-incidence got me into a window to get a ticket, I simply could not find one today, you see.

I've always known the secret of having a better life. It is so simple. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. Read any autobiography, they all agree. They were just lucky. Others were not.

Human Design brings a better relationship with co-incidence, or it brings nothing.

It was the central feature of my life until recently, "brain the size of a planet" to quote H2G2, but situations always were unusually not as expected. Of course, with my Design Sun in hexagram 30, well, that may have something to do with it.

Then the moment I started my PHS diet, coincidences, oh boy.

The new beings predicted by Human Design, horribly called Raves, I call them Homo Omnisciens, these new beings will appear to master coincidence in ways that leave the rest of us astounded. I am sure of this. Every aspect of Human Design points to it.

We will see.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Let The Insemination Begin

== Let The Insemination Begin... ==

Darth Vader laughter, sinister music... Not Darth Vader, Dr Evil from Austin Powers, THAT IS THE LAUGH we need as we read on...

The very fabric of all wikipedia is under threat TODAY from ME! And others, cut me down, others will spring up, in their dozens, then hundreds, then millions, some of them in human bodies... whoops, I am whimsical today, it's just me, being me, but seriously, folks..


1. Other WIKI articles will have sections added WHEN Human Design is in Shopping Hour's "widely accepted" stage of truth. When Human Design is widely accepted, there will be small bits added in the different sections of wikipedia, to say, Ra Uru Hu and others propose this model of Human Behaviour and this and that. It will be a lot of work, by many people.

Fly, my beauties, fly!


Ok, I want to write this. I know from my chart, I cannot initiate, I can only respond, and I wait NO LONGER! The bull has shat, the worm has returned, or something. Oh, it is such a damn effort to stay serious and focussed these days, I need a neck massage instead of all this tiresome thinking... sigh...

The BOOK the world wants and needs, and that various publishers are thinking, where is a better book, a bester selling book, on this what is it called again, Human Design? Where is that Digital Witchdoctor, and that Mike Mahalo, who posted on those forums on the web? Maybe he can write something.

The Title, I propose, as I may actually write it, I soppose I at least get to name it;;


Yes, I know, a contradiction, trust me, I can handle it. If anyone can. I can handle the fact that it must be experienced not explained, you do want someone like me who is able to dance with contradictions to write such a book. Human DEsign Explained

And HERE is my idea - inspired by Robert Kiyosaki. He wrote the worlds first online book, which means what? He wrote each chapter and the public, well private subscribers to his website, commented and gave feedback, updates, proof reading, allowing a much faster, more grass roots, and powerful book. It was free online during development, and STILL gave him 2 top ten bestsellers New York Times list.


I want the same idea. I hear your disbelief. Sod you. Sniff. I CAN DO THIS!

I have a plan.

A cunning plan.

Here it is. EYE write the book specifically and basically to provide wikipedia with necessary citations, explicitly, the worlds first wikipedia guided book. I actually write the chapters here on wikipedia, we can sort out the ownership and all that later, who cares? Yes, I want recognition, see my damn HD chart, but this idea is so KOOL - use wikipedia user space to write a book!!! Actually HERE. Wai Knott?

Siem Reap 16 April 2010, Khmer New Year day 3 of the celebrations. Above, written in the Shadow of Angkor, 9am., Below, written in the Blue Pumpkin, 8 am. All square that ends square.



alterations I propose to [[Personality Psychology]] can someone advise on references citations please?

Personality Psychology - traits --

Ra Uru Hu, Genoa Bliven, Richard Rudd, Chetan Parkyn, and other published authors in the field of [[Human Design]], propose a nested set of opposite personality traits, hard-wired into each individual and revealed consistently by a complex calculation derived from the date time and place of birth.

Personality Psychology - Human Design

Ra Uru Hu, Chetan Parkyn, and others have mapped a new system of personality "types" and "traits" within these types, known as the Human Design System. Human Motivation consists of 6 possible categories, arranged as 3 opposite binary pairs - Fear opposed to Need, Hope opposed to Duty, and Greed opposed to Observation. These are also called personality colors, and numbered from 1 to 6. Most people tend to polarise to the exact opposite ot their own natural and immutable motivation, effectively living a false and chaotic life.

The six personality colors alternate between active and passive, and so each opposite pair has one active and one passive polarity.

1, Fear - is the motivation to accumulate resources for survival in the face of unpredictable change. The polarity is 4. Need, the motivation to "travel light", and accumulate only what is necessary for survival in each moment.

2. Hope - is the motivation to notice what needs to be fixed and do nothing about it. The polarity is 5. Duty, the urge to fix things.

3. Desire - is the motivation to get whatever you want in life. The polarity is 6. Observation, the motivation to witness and wait.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Illegitimi non carborundum

Siem Reap, 13 April 2010.
Shadow of Angkor cafe, 14h00
It is Khmer New Year, here in Cambodia, and everyone shuts shope for 3 days or more, everyone has to go home to Mummy. Our shop will be open with a skeleton staff, a bit bony for the massage, ok, but the customers here are Asian, they like things different. And they will for sure only spend $7 a massage, we need 20 customers a day to pay costs, send us a miracle, if you have shamanic or priestly powers, go right ahead and whisper Lemongrass Garden Spa Siem Reap, on the Astral Planes.
Talking of aeroplanes, I have finally booked my flight, my escape. For some reason, Thai airways have really low prices just now, why would that be? Oh is it that they just found out that the dozen "red shirts" killed in political protests these last few days, were shot by real bullets in the backs of their heads. As the government was using only rubber bullets from the front of the demontrations, this is unpleasant to hear. Bangkok is not stable right now, the red shirts offer a million baht for the scalp of the Prime Minister... it is back to tribal ideas, the scape goat, a goat you pick to carry all sins out of your tribe and into the desert.
I have posted on Facebook, so where in Human Design are the explanations, the specific transits, to say why Bangkok has unrest, while the rest of the planet is pretty much as normal.
Meanwhile the Sun has got his hat on, tra la la la lah, and it continues to be well in the forties Celsius here in Siem Reap, very very hot. I have a flight to Paris, oooh la la! Just $1000 return from Phnom Penh, flexible return date, cannot argue with that, Thai Airways superfast jet from Bangkok, next week. Red shirts, Yellow shirts, Pink shirts, I just need the airport to function normally for transit passengers.
And talking of transits, the Sun is in line 3 today Trial and Error, of hexagram 42 Increase, the Gate of Growth. Yes there is a hexagram for that embarrasing mole on your backside.
And talking of moles, let's dig a little deeper into what this means. "In times of increase, mistakes are a natural part of the process." Well well well. Hear hear. Jolly Good Show. Capital Capital. I have a little sideshow, subplot, backstory, here, I put an article, or stub as the cigarette smokers over at wikipedofilia like to call it. Topic Human Design, and within a couple of hours, against all wikipolicy, the article was removed, the text totally not for anyone to see, and the name Human Design deemed unfit for any future articles on wikiprattia. Yesterday the Sun was in line 2 Identification, Power for Growth, participation and recognition of new trends, and DutchMike the admin who destroyed my article, released the text back to my private user space. Hoorah, for boorishness. I expect he has a small cock. It is people like that who need to impress others with how powerful they are and they need to make newcomers feel small.
Illegitimi non carborundum. Or in this case -
The day before was line 1 Diversification - Surplus resources leading to activities beyond what you normally do. Uhuh.
Tomorrow the Sun will be in line 4, The Middle Man - "The maturity to bring growth through mediation"
There is no sea in mediation. Nurse! Medication!
I give it 3 days. The we will be in line 6 Nurturing - "The power to share the process of growth with others." All quotes, unless otherwise inline cited - a wikiterm wikicoined to wikimean something to do with inline skating, a dance using roller blades, that is neither exciting, inciting, but just cited. A bit like putting up a tent.
Talking of tents... I think I need a shoulder massage. My muscles. All this wikifying makes my muscles tense, I could rent them out and I'd have a camp site.
Now we are back to wikipedia. Depends what you mean by camp I suppose.

I'd better stop before I wet myself

Siem Reap, 12 April 2010
Cocktail House Cafe, 23h
Ah, life. Actually, this year, I have felt more alive, and more ME, than I can remember feeling for so many years. I believe this may be the result of 7 years of Human Design, but it might just be I reached a certain age, a stage of my life, and I am more relaxed and at ease with myself and whatever context I happen to be in.
But truly, if I wanted to say it was Human Design, I have this image in my mind. 7 years ago, nearly 8, I suppose, no, 7 and a half, I was suddenly quite ill. It was that illness - digestion always a mess, and my big brother had his large intestines removed when he was just 20 years old or so, colostomy bag since that age, and I never wanted that, I feared that, I refused to see doctors. And I was ill.
I tried many crazy things, an iridologist told me to eat clay. So I did. No Shit. You can take that literally, no shit. 
Finally, no, suddenly, I found Human Design, or Human Design found me, and I was not expecting it to help my health, I just liked the colour in the background of the front cover of the Kindred Spirit Magazine, Autumn 2002. I always liked that colour, and often felt that particular colour magically guides me in my life to good things people and places. Maybe it doesn't. I still like that colour. Pushes my buttons, wow. And that colour brought me to Human Design, in a way.
Then the mathematics, was so beautiful. I loved the way it used the Yi Jing, the wheel, balanced sets of opposites, fractal dialectics, well, that was the ideas already in my mind, I was working on this philosophy and mathematics for myself, called Fractal Dialectics, and Human Design, believe it or knott, is a Fractal Dialectics System. The main difference is that Human Design says each hexagram is exactly an equal size in the wheel, and Fractal Dialectics does not easily have any way to account for equal sizes, it is something you staple on, but not central. Never mind. Too technical.
Anyway, I decided to blow a lot of money, for me, £75, of course I could afford it easily, just I was careful then, children in boarding school, a spendthrift Brazilian trophy wife, just half my age, and the debts of 10 million Luxembourg francs with my first divorce, that I had slowly paid off... I was careful. The astonishing thing is that first reading resolved my health issue. Be in my own aura, I take in toxic energy from the solar plex of my second wife, he did not need to do her chart, he guessed that, and he was right. Forget his name now. Colin, Ian, oh dear me, sieve like a mammary.
Why am I writing all this? Is the moon in Nostalgia. Let's look.
No. No reason. And another thing, what is in the HD transits that have caused all the bloodshed in Bangkok these last days? I don't get it. Bangkok, terrible situation, affected by transits, the rest of the world, not having that same trouble, life as usual for wherever else on the planet. Explain that, Mr Who?
I just thought, if Ra Uru Hu was a doctor, he would be Dr Who.
I am gibbering. Gibbonous fibrology, today, instead of a brain. Do you know, I thought I went blind just now! Geeze Us. I was having one of my Cosmic Connection Massages, what I invented myself, as I do most days now, and 10 customers walked into our shop, and the Princess needed my masseuse, so I was interruptus massajuice. And my right eye was totally blurred. Deeply scary. Deeply worrying. What explanation? No Eyed Dear.
Maybe there is some way that a deep spiritual journey does leave your vision blurry, I have heard that, and I certainly go deep in these massages, that is why I invented them. I was thinking, this could change the massage, my Spiritual Experience Massages, I mean, this is what everyone needs in the West, and everywhere, this!
It is also possible that the bean bag, well a small cloth bag filled with rice, was overdosed with too much monkey balm, tiger balm, snake oil, whatever it is that they put in it to smell that way. It is an irritant, and maybe got into my eyelid.
Why am i so dribbly tonight? Masajuice interruptus?
Nurse! Where is my milk!?
Now I am not making any sense at all. So what. Sense is overrated. Who cares about sense. Feel good, that is what is it all about? What? Capital capital capital. Good heavens by jove. I have lost the plot here. Where am I? Who are you people?
Sun is in hexagram something, um, 32, no 42, Get on With It, Finish What You Started, line 3, Trial and Error. The guts to turn mistakes into success. Yeah. Oh I have to say, my wikipedia entry is back, not in "main space", but in my user on wikipedia, where others can edit if they can find it. Meanwhile I have forgotten all my logins for wikipedophile, passwords? Why can't I just sign for it? And internet cafes in Cambodia are blocked from editing wikipedia. So I can't edit it, I can and did inform people on Facebook, here is the page, go and piss in it. Oh dear. Me. What is to become of us?
Ah, here it is, here it is, Earth in 32 Duration, line 3 Lack of Continuity - indecisoin and persistent re-evaluation. Indecision in times of transformation. Yes yes, here I am. Got me. Hic!
Ooh, I just noticed that Mercury the Communicator is in 24, um, and 24 is, what is, Returning, going over and over ideas, line 4, and normally line 4 is a sociable and networking opportunistic energy, but here line 4 of 24 is The Hermit, "transformation that can only take place in isolation... Aloneness enriches the potential for rational thought" CALL THIS RATIONAL THOUGHT? No way.
But it is going over and over, alone, ah here is the detriment, this is me, now: "The tendency in isolation to live in a fantasy world. Aloneness encourages the potential of illusion or delusion." Hic! I am so drunk on how I am in this moment.
Oh there is much to say, I will stop here, before I wet myself.

Voodoo from the planet Wikipedia?

Voodoo from the planet Wikipedia
Siem Reap, Sunday 11 April 2010
I am rather spooked out. Voodoo from planet Wikipedia? The Wikipedians send their psychic shaman to mess with my laptop.
Now, I should say, I was brought up in the days when your SIGNATURE was your identification. This is no longer the case, but throughout childhood I was PROMISED over and over, this signature thing is all you need to identify yourself, yes there are a few CROOKS and bad bad criminals who fake signatures, and wow, how bad that is and we torture them with rusty fingernails, and lock them in the Tower of Birmingham. All bullshit.
Pass words, piss worlds.
No, I am not cut out for this Digital Age, I am a Digital Witchdoctor, a Shaman, by nature, unrecognised, unlicensed, no apprenticeship was there for me, I am uncomfortable in the digital age. OK I worked in computers professionally for many years, weigh back when 4/6 was not a Human Design Profile. It was what you paid for a GALLON of petrol.
Grumpy Old Man Day. Look, there was this wikipedia fuss, read all about it, ok, the R Soles did not play fair, I had a great time, and it was CORRECT, I felt so ALIVE and so JOYOUS - what is the comment Ra Uru Hu made on PissBook yesterday? Let me find that.
Ra Uru Hu on Facebook - evening of 10 April here in Asia: "Futile actions, irrational justifying of mistakes and negative projections by others are some of today's conditioning themes. Trust Your Strategy and Authority and Love Yourself."
He has this knack of hitting the snail on the bed.
Do you notice the calmness that follows reading Ra? You noticed that. It is like SOMEONE has spoken, real power. You just stop. I do. I have to tell you a story. It was winter 2002-2003, some time, and Ra actually replied to my first email to him, all I remember is his automated signout - Love Yourself. It was a revelation. My mind went into a deep mind spin.
Logically, if he is some kind of guru, then he has given me that instruction, with mystical power, and it is more powerful than just words from my mother or whatever. Well, my mother always told me the opposite, utter shit of a mother, utter utter shit. As a mother. As a person, ok. But never mind. All I got was that I was ugly stupid no good, there I was clutching my degree from Cambridge convinced but I am really stupid, this is false, I knew because mummy and everyone else told me. Autism. It is called Aspergers Syndrom, and I have it. I never got that people tell lies, I still have to double think myself into that, why why why, what is the purpose, really? People just do that? No! Really. Every damn day I have this, by 5pm, or so, I suddenly realise, o m g. People tell lies. Fucking Aspergers Syndrome, Never Mind.
I decided that day, look, it is IRRELEVENT is this man is a guru or not. I can placebo all that. Personal History by hypnosis. Convince myself that Jesus/Buddha/whoever, does not matter, someone I HAVE TO LISTEN TO has just instructed me, with the power of all that is beyond here, LOVE THY SELF.
And I suppose, that day, and more and more since then, I did.
End of story.
Where was I, Who am I, rambling too much today. I am distressed, you know, 14 dead in Bangkok, I just got out of there. Tourist street Cow Sand Road, everything smashed. So much anger and blood there. It is close to here. No threat, nobody there will bother with Cambodia. But still. My heart is stretched, bruised, and broken, dispirited by this news last knight and this morning. Never mind, zombie world, people are sleep walking into violence and there is nothing for me to do - I do not really believe prayers will help, but I cannot help it, I send love and healing with all my heart to Bangkok, and the whole planet right now. Angels, Are You There?
Probably knott.
Sew. Yesterday, I cannot get back to wikipedia, nor online, this virus, these viruses on my Samsung NC10, shitty little mistake, that box, oh dear, I could hardly breathe for Antivirus messages all the time. Blocking everything. So off the internet, I scanned the whole computer. A few virus files found and deleted, but, these viruses were probably in the part of the system that does wifi, and from that moment no wifi. Wifi internet connection has gone from the Desktop, from the Control Panel, from everywhere, this laptop no longer has any idea, what is why fry?
Voodoo from Wikipedia fried my effing laptop? Damn them.
Out comes the trusty old Sony Vaio, here I am , now. On the Vaio. Good working animal. Just very old. Sleek machine. But passwords? Oh dear me, and with my Human Design, with my channel of Struggle, as a sacral being, I do not FEEL I want to do all the complications, to find that wikipedia password for Mike Mahalo. Finally I make a new wikipedia ID, Digital Witchdoctor. I post a brief message, I want to complete the article started, can it be undeleted.
No damn reply. This is bullying, this is fascism. Let the newbie know, he is small, we are powerful. Shitty military camp, stench of smelly stupidity.
I still have not decided, shall I trace my password as Mike Mahalo, or not. Yes, they offered to help me now, but I am SPOOKED. Sacral? And I realised something very very odd and profound. About my split definition.
As a child, well in the UK there was an 11+ exam, every child was tested by the government, and my life changed. I found that test too easy, I completed it rapidly and sat watching a room full of other kids struggling, licking their pencils, I so remember, oh well, I am stupid, what to expect, I did that test wrong. I came top. Free education, the most expensive school, government will pay. Christ. Must be a mistake, never mind. Daddy is happy, free education, I could choose any school, perhaps stupidly, I chose the one where my Dad was a teacher, never mind, it seemed right, I was just a kid. I did not know the politics, the problems, later my mother told me, the headmaster called her and made an offer, the year before, they had failed me at the entrance exam there, the deal was my father left the school (he was unpopular - autistic genius, like me), and I get the exam result. She basically told him the 1960s equivalent of Fuck You. One year later the government paid my fees, nobody told me this story, I just got the bad energy from staff and from my first day, dreadful bullying by the sixth form, the prefects, and within days my own classmates. It is called the Channel of Struggle, 28-38, in my chart. I still have it. I am one sensitive soft undercooked being, even now.
So from 12 years old the world decided I was a genius, the teachers and my class mates and family, said, no. Stupid little freak. OK. Just stop hurting me, ok.
Ah, childhood was a very hard time. Adulthood was also. "Life, don't talk to me about life" (H2G2).
But again, when the exams came the little weirdo did well, always. Teachers stupendified. Idiot in class. Genius in the exam room. I just knew the answers. Weirdest thing.
So I am saying, my Human Design Chart has this deep split, intellect and guts, and over the years, this intellect defined me, confined me, and I coined the name Digital Witchdoctor at Cambridge one day, after hearing the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (H2G2) joke about Digital Watches, in fact., I own it but it is a symbol, recently, of that intellect, that denial of ME, that oh Mike Is So Clever bullshit, when my truth, in my Human Design Chart, was atrophied, hidden. I became Mahalo. I compromised into Mike Mahalo, but I became these guts, these balls, this spleen, Mahalo.
Finally on wikipedia, Mike Mahalo has no place. I know my own spleen and guts and balls, no fucking idea of intellect. I flip from university professor, intellectuality, to suck my cock, dance with me, grill me some salmon, hug me, love me, be with ME. Mahalo.
And just creating the login at wikipedia, Digital Witchdoctor, the intellect was back, untainted by the sacral of my truth. I remain a little confused and lost. I want to marry these two together, more than anything I ever wanted, more than all my life seeking someone OUT THERE, a partner, a lover, I want myself connected up
That was the energy of the moment when I posted the wikipedia article, see the blog that day, see the chart, if I can link it again, I plan to do that here. Maybe I will impersonate the Digital Witchdoctor again, it is all masks, look at the bloody symbol, a Venetian Carnival mask. And as always with me, Yin And Yang stirred and twisted, always the black and the white, contradictions in flow.
SHIT. I also lost my password for my email.
What to do.

Back on the Rudd again

Siem Reap, 10 April 2010
Chateau Princess, 11h00
Rudd, Richard. A Complete (Idiot's?) Guide to Circuits, Channels & Gates. Genekeys (self) publishing 2003. ISBN? Nah. Self published, exactly the sort of thing wikipedia says is primary, first person, that anyone with money can publish their own book or website.
But boy, this is solid gold. And mysteriously, it disappeared from my life for a couple of months, and my blog quality went downhill without it. This is pure gold. Did I already mention that?
Look at what Richard says about the current hexagram for the Sun, number 51, Shock. "People who need to test themselves in order to be either best or first at something." EXACTLY. I NEEDED to be both BEST and FIRST in the wikipedia story. Now I see it. I forgot that detail until now, needing to be first, needing to be best, it is in hexagram 51. "can manifest as either foolhardiness or courage. They love to shock people with their love of going where no one else dares." Any questions? I mean, my wikipedia experience, exactly, in a nutshell. "always looking for... the feeling of going beyond themselves. These people bring a sense of unpredictability and excitement to life, and they have a particular gift of empowering others by shocking them out of their own little worlds and into the bigger picture." Wikipedofilia, exactly, little world, shocking people - just 2 of them, ok, just the 2 for now, but the flow is the flow, I am part of it, and I ride, I surf the waves of existence.
So what is this "being correct" idea in Human Design? In this case, you pay your money and you take your pick, as my old mathematics teacher used to say back at school. I rode with the flow, felt deep exhiliration, and I suggest an interpretation as follows, my body NEEDED that release, I am so wanked off by that, sorry to use obscene words and ideas, well, just the one idea, but it is energy and it is released, I cannot think of a more explicit or shocking way to put it.
Maybe I could shock YOU out of YOUR little world and into the bigger picture?
While the Sun has been in the hexagram of Shock for a week, the Earth as always has furrowed through the opposition, the inversion, the hexagram of Persuasion. Shock is 100100 in binary, Yang Yin Yin is Thunder , mutation by suddenness, here the upper and lower trigram are same same. Persuasion, the tree root that eventually topples the building, slow and persistent mutation.
Rudd: "People whose intuitive awareness always ensures their survival." This is the gate of NOW, although several hexagrams have some aspect of now, this is AWARENESS in the moment of now, awareness to survive, how the lizard and the fly survive, by instinctive awareness leading to action when the energy flow is connected up (hexagram 20 connects to the throat and manifestation, hex 20 is actually named The Gate of The Now.) But we are all feeling the SOUND of now, 57 "is the gate of the right ear and of hearing in the now. This gate is the source of all mammalian awareness and represents our deepest intuitions, which are here to guide us towards survival and well-being."
What about the journey of the moon and how that affected me yesterday and today? Ah yes, but first I sense this moment, and the moon has shifted to 55, Provocation, line 1 co-operation with powerful forces.
Interesting. Here is what I wrote this morning, to the publisher Harper Collins, with a copy to the founder and godfather of wikipedia: And I just sensed, it will be the exact time to post this, my energy will be clean and post this, a little later this morning, about now...
= = = = = = = = =
11 April Siem Reap - Bengal Tiger Cafe
It was quite a choppy, bitty day yesterday. Four separate times I attempted to complete the blog. I did send an email to Harper Collins, but later, second attempt, and a lot of wasted time, in retrospect, fussing on all of this.
The thing is, some voodoo took control of my laptop. Virus virus virus virus, ok. Clean that. Still it has something, and worse, no wifi. This laptop is buggered. Don't trust it. And I am spooked rather. Fucking Voodoo from the planet Wikipedia. What is this?
I had to resurrect the trusty old Sony Vaio, keys worn so I cannot tell which is which, a far better laptop, and here, I have to put this on a datastick to complete, with a quote fro Ra Uru Hu that he posted that seemed almost to know all about my day. That is on the internet, this Samsung cannot connect, data stick, and see you on the Vaio in a moment.
... or not?

Shaken & Stirred

Siem Reap, Saturday 10 March 2010
Shadow Cafe, 08h30
Good morning, good morning. It has been a bumpy ride.
Yesterday was an emotional and existential power ride. Why? God knows, I don't think Human Design has any answers. But I'll check, all the same. My instinct, hmmm, is to look more closely at line 5 of the solar hexagram, SHOCK. But the software, obedient as ever, tells me we are today in line 6 Separation, and I sense, ah, yes, my feeling of now, it is calmer, all is well. Phew.
The Rave I Ching puts it this way, about this morning and all this day - "The power of the ego to meet challenges alone." Will, vitality, and survival when all around is panic and confusion. Now, I have to add, that confuses me a little, how can all the planet have this same energy - someone must be doing all the panic and confusion so that I can feel vitality and ego power against that background? Maybe the power of each different ego, meeting their own specific challenges alone, just makes confusion the way eggs make an omelette? I have to think about this some time, not now, I am still reverberating from emotional energy and experiences, let me tell you about that instead...
Wow, the Earth is now in line 6 Utilisation of hexagram 57 Gentle Intuitive Clarity. Yes, I get what it says, the understanding that rectification is not possible, making the best out of a bad moment and knowing it will pass. Oh YES, this is my day, this morning.
Yesterday? Ah. Another story. And as stories go, a rather juicy one. Oh My Goodness - I just got a blink here, a sense, I think my day actually mapped out the moon transits very precisely, and also, I have to say, rather publicly. Which to blog first, my day, or the transits. My day, start with the human experience, ok?
Yesterday I woke up, feeling something special inside me. In fact my chart was connected up with transits so my normally pentup energies connected where they all want to get to, my throat, that is Human Design. All energies race to the throat, and people called Single Definition Manifestors, have that "lucky" but disastrous connection all the time. For me this is a rare and powerful experience now, like the moment a teenager realises their own potency and place in the world, the ability to act and cause in the world was mine for a couple of hours.
It was time for action, action now, and to hell with the consequences. Co-incidentally it was I think the exact moment of Ra Uru Hu's 62 Birthday, the sun position was aligned to his moment of birth. And here, before me, an opportunity, and I grasped it. I had my wikipedia entry as ready as I could make it, and like releasing a goldfish into the sea, I don't know what I am saying, it was just so fucking profound, and how ridiculous. A few words on a screen. But I placed them into the sacred brothel of Wikipedia Mainspace, knowing, I had genned up all the rules, I knew exactly it was correct on THEIR terms, and I felt really something extraordinary, which I could explain from my chart, but I don't want to bore you too much. I am a curiously different person, somehow, I remembered some magical moments in my life, such as doing my Cambridge finals having done zero work for 3 years until a mad crashing 2 weeks of pure innovative slog, not about knowledge, just HOW to get a degree within the rules of a corrupt and useless system. That was a magical day as well, I nearly got a first in that exam, and it changed my life. From the moment I got a good degree with no actual work, I despised all academics, I loathed the corruption of such a system, such babies, so impressed by nothing, and I sought a social world among people I considered to be more real, more authentic, and without any academic pretensions. Maybe that was a mistake. I have never really found or connected to "my" people, no. And now I realise, there they all are, Mensa and Wikipedia, geeks with badges and from where I am today, they look like zombies, really, take a look at those user pages on wikipedia, they put badges on their userpages like schoolchildren with pocketmoney and no idea what to spend it on.
There, but for the grace of God...
Soon after 10am yesterday morning, the moon moved on and that magical energy flow was gone. I expected it, I felt it, I had Carpayed the Diem, I mean, it just felt so GOOD! I then had the moon where, in 49, Rejection! This connects to my birth chart 19 Neediness, I find a sponsor, or I am rejected by someone who has resources that I need. It is an EMOTIONAL definition, and boy oh boy, what a ride. Emotions can be WONDERFUL. I was drunk. I was elated. I knew, I had come home. Horrible though it is to consider, in the light of day, those jerks on wikipedia, those geeks, head up their arse idiots who think that world online is somehow real, and what a mess out in reality, I expect, all of us, same same, fuck Jesus with a baguette, THESE may be MY people. The people I never found in my life. Shit on toast. Something clicked, it is not comfortable, I just felt, so, like I was home. Among these crap headed morons who think they are clever.
Within minutes of posting my article, someone had added an official looking notice - it is just a code number you add on front of the article, but it looks intimidating. Maybe, it suggested, maybe the references were not solid, please assist with better references or IT WILL BE DELETED. My references were and are solid in fact but my ability as a newcomer to present them was a good beginners effort, but not professional, and there do seem to be professional wikipedians, in their attitude, bless them. It is a worshipful silence of nonsense over there, with belief systems and balderdash so rancid it reeks of urine and wank. Within hours the article was deleted - that was during my evening, and pretty much the whole day was taken up with being aware of this journey.
I was surprised at the violence involved. One wikipedian, ukexpat by username, who has a badge on his wikipage that his native language is sarcasm, informed an official administrator that my article made his "head ache"! Minutes later the article was deleted for suspected commercial interest, what bullshit, and lack of notability. Some boorish idiot called Orangemike, unable to read. He later commented he could not understand my reference to an article in the London Evening Standard, 31 July 2009, what else does the moron need? A spoon?
I am fascinated to think, he is someone with a Human Design, and his actions are surely determined by his own chart and current transits. But I would not trust him to give correct birth data even if I asked him. There is a vicious resistance to new ideas.
ukexpat is a more decent fellow, not yet an admin, but clearly some humour and balance, he will make a good one if he remembers these mistakes yesterday.
Anyway, the crushing brutality, the refusal to keep by the rules, and the sudden imposition of secret rules not available to newcomers, this did leave my body SHAKEN (the original Chinese name for hexagram 21, to be expected) and in line 5, through broadcasting and contact with strangers. Fortunately I have a place deep inside where I observe all this. But my face clearly was set in a way that concerned the Princess. I am not as young as I once was, and I imagine I looked very tired, old and upset. Still, deep inside, I so valued the experience, I wanted some LIFE at last, and this, check my chart, this is MY life. I wanted this, and I feel more alive as ME through this perfection of doing as I WANT in that manifesting moment.
14:39 GMT, that would be nearer 10pm here in GMT+7 land, the moon left hexagram 49, and it was about then that I lost the joy and drunken high - and I would do it AGAIN, any time, every time. This is MY LIFE, sure, I looked a mess afterwards, I got intoxicated on the rush, in my own absurd and ok, delusional, way. I slept soundly. I usually do, but I want to point out, sleeping soundly is a sure indication of release of energy. Am I wrong?
So where did the moon go? Ah that is the punch line. Hexagram 30, the Clinging Fire, the Fates, this is so classic! In this hexagram, you do things correctly to the pattern, and unexpected turns of fate cut the string, your dream and expectation is suddenly cut, lost, gone. The Fates. I have this in my chart. Rather strongly - it is my Design Earth. I am at home in this energy. I relish it, I am this energy, it is my body and blood.
Now to line 6, calmness as the outside world panics, for the Sun today, all day, and intuition making the best of a setback, for the Earth.
Curiously, some struggle this morning. Breakfast, I awoke 6:30, decided to bicycle to the Golden Banana, a delightful boutique hotel, but there were challenges - getting my bicycle, confronted by a new and rather rude staff member unaware that breakfast is available to the public for $5 as well as hotel guests, and then, no internet connection, technical problems. Now my computer suddenly has 20 viruses, popping up, I cannot connect. Yet.
I am going to CHEAT, damn it. I know the moon is next in hexagram 55, Provocation and Spirituality. I have written a provocative letter, turning the wikipedia nonsense into a farce, I can post it here later, we will see, I am just dancing onwards, I am watching my own movie, and aware, I am no longer the supporting cast, I am the central character in my own experience of my own life, now. I taste meat as if for the first time. I am reckless, it is my chart somewhere, that channel of struggle, North Node in Unjustified Risks if I remember correctly... 
Watch this space. I predict Human Design will be back on wikipedia very soon, but please understand me, my energy is complete, my part of that story is done, I broke the shell, in some ways, and public collective happenings are likely to emerge into eventness, I predict this. Individual, to tribe, to collective, that is the path of how things become real. My role is all that it is, nothing more, nothing less, there is a team I have never met who have jigsaw pieces of the future history of time and space, and the movie unfolds step by step and day by day. 
Love and Magic, I feel something very different in the way I exist and love and love and live and live. Words are so futile sometimes.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Full text of the wikipedia article, now restored on

{{notability|date=April 2010}}
{{wikify|date=April 2010}}
'''Human Design''' is a set of ideas that challenge traditional scientific and religious explanations of life, the universe, and everything.  These ideas are from one man, Ra Uru Hu, born Alan Robert Krakower in [[Toronto]], [[Canada]] on 9 April 1948, who says he experienced 8 days of mystical revelation from "a Voice" in January 1987.<ref></ref>  The official website presents the results of a survey of more than 600,000 people who have provided date, time, and place of birth to obtain their personal Human Design "bodygraph chart".<ref></ref>

The primary source of information is a library of audio talks, and more recently short video presentations, by the originator, Ra Uru Hu.<ref></ref> In 2009 a major publisher released the first apparently independent and authoritative book<ref> Harper Collins </ref> on Human Design.  Previous books<ref>The Rave I'Ching- Ra Uru Hu, published by Human Design America, 2002

The Rave I'Ching Line Companion, vols. 1 & 2, Ra Uru Hu, published by Human Design America, 2002

The Global Incarnation Index - Ra Uru Hu, published by Human Design America, 2002

Opening Doors with Gene Keys - Richard Rudd, published by GeneKeys Publishing UK, 2002

Circuitry - A Complete Guide to Circuits, Channels and Gates - Richard Rudd, published by GeneKeys Publishing UK, 2003

A Revolution of One: An Intimate Story of a Generator - Mary Ann Winiger, published by Mary Ann Winiger, 2007

Living Your Design: A Manual for Cellular Transformation - Lynda Stone, published by Human Design America, 2007

MMAI - Maia Mechanics Advanced Imaging Software - Jovian Archive Corporation, 2008</ref> have either been closely controlled by Ra Uru Hu and his Jovian Archive Corporation, or are from rival splinter groups of former collaborators<ref></ref>.

Human Design is notable for it's claim to be empirical and testable in all details, and the widespread interest generated, particularly official<ref> or UK Austria Spain  Brazil Japan Greece  France Italy Hawaii, USA, Oregon USA, australia </ref> and rival versions<ref>,,,,</ref> have many websites and online communities<ref>www.humandesignglobal.ning., </ref>.

== References ==
* London Evening Standard article on Human Design:  The real cosmic you WHAT'S NEW,GET WIRED
* From: The Evening Standard (London, England) | Date: March 01, 1999 | Author: Mark Hughes-MORGAN |  700+ words
*  page 86 Interview with Ra Uru Hu
* Kindred Spirit Magazine, Issue 60 Autumn 2002 Front cover feature and interview with Ra Uru Hu
* Positive Health Magazine, online archive Issue 46 November 1999
* The BBC sponsored forum "h2g2" featured an article on 13 November 2003:

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Some Temporary and Rather Sacral Manifestation...?

Siem Reap, 9 April 2010

08h30 Bengal Tiger Cafe in Pub Street

Since February 12, and until June, I can see from my Personal Ephemeris that I have the Discovery Channel defined - my design Sun in 29 from my own chart connects up with Saturn which is now retrograde in 46.  This means a lot to me.  I will not only be very sensual, this is also about discovery of my own body, uhuhm, here we go, here we go, here we go, ooooh, Sir Jasper, Do Not Touch ...  as they say.

In a manner of squeaking, you do understand.  Never mind.  More to the pencil, this Discovery Channel is about suck seeding where others merely email, and femaling where others suck seed.  Or something.  I have no problem with that.  It seems to be actually the main focus of this year so far.  

Let me check today's chart.  Well, the current transit makes me a Manifesting Generator with Single Definition.  That is interesting, it is just the moon in hexagram 13 which is about leading off alone into a remembered secret pathway that gets results.  Line 6 at the moment - "unlimited hope.  The energy to persevere."  Ah beware, Mahalo, this is just a transit, but I feel this energy as if the world is smiling on me today.  And I know from the Ephemeris that at 3:14 am GMT, which is 10:14 am here, GMT +7, I lose this powerful adolescence, I can think of no better word.  For now I feel supremely powerful, fecund, able to initiate and do and that things will be flowing for me in my life.

Manifesting Generator, oh the fuss about this type so ANNOYS me.  I contacted Chetan Parkyn, who has written the first book in Human Design that is 1) marketed by a major publisher, Harper Collins, and b) independent of Ra Uru Hu and almost independent of his main rivals.  This is a huge step, and as some people already noticed, I have been fussing about getting HD on wikipedia, and Goodness knows why. Fuck it, I am going to post the article actually live, NOW, while I am succeeding where others fail, fuck it, I am going to do that.  Wikipedia.  Manifesting Generation, oh dear me, then comes the thwack! of reality saying, no, get back, you do not succeed this time.  But maybe, just maybe, maybe it is my time to do this?  

Ah the delusions of the mind and so on.

Blah blah blah

See you on wikipedia, see how long my embryo lasts, maybe as a teenager, my seed will impregnate something, this time, oh dear me, here I ... come!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Shock and Delerium in the Heat?

Siem Reap,  7 April 2010

08h30 Blue Pumpkin Cafe

Last week seemed to me to be about Control, and this Week seems to be about Shock.  I have never experienced the hexagram names so directly, or so consistently, for days at a time.  

There are 385 hexagram lines that occur day by day each year, so each one is between 22 and 24 hours, about one day each, hence the misleading phrase, 3rd line day, and so on.  But as it happens, the moment of change from line to line, the Alignment, is during the night hours here in Cambodia, so with some dread, I have woken up in a 3rd line day, accidents, trial and error, with the Sun in the hexagram of Shock.

Yesterday and the day before, the wildness of the traffic was scary, and indeed there was a particularly tragic motorbike accident here in town, and the Princess and her brother just had to go and stare. They were each shaken, and that is the original Chinese name for this hexagram, it shakes you.  It is a shamanic energy of initiation by shock that makes you either dead, deeply damaged, or altered forever.  The Cambodian or Khmer New Year is in a few days time, when every Cambodian goes home to Mummy, and obviously, busses are all full, the roads are busy, and there are many accidents on the road.  This journey to be home is a duty, and a joy, the shop will close and all the staff are gone.  But seeing that accident, I presume it was death, and not pretty, we don't like helmets here... well, these plans are now cancelled, the Princess is spooked out.

On my bicycle yesterday, also on my motorbike, danger everywhere.  Close misses, incredibly different energy in the world.

I have spider sense, known in Human Design as a defined spleen with no defined solar plex.  And there is a major difference, as they all promised, after completing my 7 years of Human Design, and gradually I am relaxed into the awareness of my spleen centre.  Recently my spleen was working, cleaning illness from my body, food poisoning was gone relatively quickly and comfortable, and I felt that, in a particular way, ah, my spleen is doing that, I now know THAT feeling.  And the past couple of days, my spleen was alive within my being in a very different way, the now of danger.  Guiding me, protecting me, stop here, wait, drive a little to the right, and I miss an accident by millimetres by some drunk idiot racing up behind me.  

The main reason I felt I needed to continue this blog as a public - public thing, the word service is stupid, nobody cares yet, but never mind, the reason I want to carry on centres on this feeling, this glow, yes, as they promised, my life is different after 7 years of Human Design, and only this last week do I get that so physiologically.

I also keep mostly to my diet, PHS, not that I trust the ideas in PHS, but it is something and I have to say, probably the most powerful change in my life, that awkward, anti-social diet.

So here we are, a third line day, normally the day for accidents, and I check the transit chart - which still has the software error in MMI of course.  When my laptop hibernates, the MMI software does not reset the date, and I get all my transit charts with the correct time and incorrect date.  And I have wanted to inform Ra, but waiting, for my energy to be correct.  My mind thinks, oh, it is the Annual event, this year in Toronto, and I am NOT there, but everyone who is there does not need my contact at this time.  Uhuhm.  

And there is a new calmness in my sacral, yeah yeah, whatever, no need to fuss about informing Ra.  My mind is going, but but but, hold on, and here I am mentioning it in my blog, when I decided to first inform him, and I have not done that.  I am just on my path and Ra is a little irrelevent.

Which is as it should be really.  I am in the bubble of my own world now.  But it feels somehow, hold on, tell the guy, and my sacral is not budging.  Odd.

With the correct transit day, I discover only good news - the third line of SHOCK is not nasty at all, Sponaneity in times of challenge, sounds great, thinking on your feet, ok.  The Sun exalts, or fixes, the duality of this hexagram line into a very positive energy - but I don't want to get into the technicalities, only to say, wow, that is not about accidents, on THIS third line day.  It is about creative solutions and progress.  

The Earth is in hex 57, intuition, the gentle and unavoidable penetration of truth, in this moment of now, and also a very positive line 3, "perfected intelligence, where clarity eliminates doubt and ensures manifestation."  

I'll sign up for some of that.

I am concerned, knowing my own chart, of some trends in my life.  Each open or undefined centre has a slogan - and my open centres are:

open ego - always trying to prove and improve myself

open solar plex - avoiding confrontation and truth

open crown - obsessed with things that do not matter to me

open Chi - hopelessly lost in others paths, never finding my own, never knowing WHERE to be, and always seeking love.

Hmmm.  2 things on my mind now.  My continued staying here in Siem Reap, sounds like I am lost in helping out The Princess instead of my own life.  The heat is unbearable this year, 40 degrees in the shade, global warming...   So this business venture, ok I feel GREAT, I do LOVE it, I am so happy some days, wow.  But is it really MINE?  I seem to have cut out all my own Mahalo ness from it and just wasted money on some idea of Princess business that cannot work, it can only be a joint synthesis and I seem to be failing to impress my own self into this.  Empty Chi centre, I think?

Recently I have been fussing about the wikipedia entry for Human Design, it is not there.  Yesterday I posted here on the blog some ideas for an article, but I never wanted to do this, what is happening?  Why?  Why me?  Obsessed?  I am wondering.  Uhuhm

Ideas for wikipedia article on Human Design

Human Design is an original, different, and powerful set of ideas that challenge traditional scientific and religious explanations.  It is fast gaining popularity among both "new age" and also traditionally minded people notably in America and Europe.

Unlike traditional science, Human Design did not evolve step by step, it was received as a revelation "from a Voice" by one man, Ra Uru Hu.  He himself makes no secret that he does not fully understand the ideas that he speaks as they originate beyond his consciousness.  This inability of the originator to grasp or explain the central concepts involved is one of the most curious aspects of Human Design.

Human Design claims to be empirical, however the empiricism is a totally new style, where each individual consciousness necessarily experiences a separate reality that contradicts all that is homogenised and communal.  The main focus is not on that which can be measured and agreed universally, but on the mechanics of each person's unique path through life.  

Originally Human Design promised a better life, however these claims seem to have been quietly dropped in recent years, as clearly some notable enthusiasts have actually experienced personal crises that could not be labelled as better by any normal observer. These seem to be exceptions, in general the popularity is based on extensive anecdotal evidence of life changes that can be interpreted as improvements.  

The original "download" happened during 8 days in January 1987.  The originator claims that this knowledge is the "dying breath of a star" that travelled through space thousands of light years just ahead of the neutrinos  which registered on detectors in February 1987, from Supernova 1987A.  

Several unthinkable predictions were included in the information, the first that neutrinos had mass, a contradiction to the definition of neutrinos at the time.  Scientists confirmed neutrinos have a slight mass in 2001.  

A second prediction is that science will discover the magnetic monopole as the key that links consciousness to material form in a complex model involving 2 "crystals of consciousness" which separately generate mind, matter, and experience, for each being and each thing in existence.  Reality therefore extends outwards from both living and inanimate things, and is ultimately temporary and finite.

In Human Design theory, this universe is a nested fractal duality, or "biverse", that is basically a foetus at about 6 months of gestation, that will at some future time be born as some fully formed organic entity into some realm beyond the walls of our conceptual reach.

Various other incredible predictions arose from the mechanics of Human Design, based on planetary movements against 64 constellations of remote stars, each with a specific quality based on a new interpretation of ancient Chinese wisdom - the Yi Jing or I Ching.  One example is bird flu, which was predicted in advance as a serious epidemic.  In contrast, swine flu was known to Human Design experts to be relatively insignificant, as we now know to be true.

Another set of predictions concern the evolution of homo sapiens into a new species, which has apparently already started since 1781, so that the knowledge of ancient civilisations, notably the Hindu model of a 7 chakra aura, no longer apply to any living human.  Human Design predicts that from June 2027 babies will be born so different that medical science will detect them.  Autism and Prostate cancer are signs of the new species born ahead of time.  This evolution is said to be the motivation for the revelation, to ensure the survival of the new species, called Raves, in Human Design.

Human Design uses a graphic chart from the positions of planets at birth and a second set of positions 88 degrees of earth orbit before birth. This bodygraph chart reveals the type and diversity of human auras, and the growing popularity of Human Design is based on the apparent uncanny accuracy of these charts interpreted by a licensed and trained expert.  Human Auras have 9 energy centres in Human Design theory, set at birth to either blow or suck normally toxic energies, until death.  

In Human Design, Death is said to involve a "bardot" journey of 3 days, during which time any autopsy, organ removal, or moving of the body sentences the deceased "personality crystal" to a horrendous limbo.  Birth involves a strictly sequential building of the foetus and aura, in three stages, the first and last fixed to 88 degrees rotation of Earth orbit.  This orbital movement, 11/45 of a circle, apparently is the only doorway through which consciousness and material form can "juxtapose" or form life.  However the middle stage of foetal development varies from one individual to another depending on the particular negotiations between "crystals of consciousness" and the magnetic monopole, said to be the core explanation of life itself.

Several aspects of Human Design set it apart from all previous systems of thinking in our species.  Firstly it seems to have almost holographic references to core aspects of so many previous human ideas, from tribal through religious to the most advanced depths of science, as if each fragment has some distorted value that only makes sense when all are put together like a jigsaw.  Secondly Human Design has the most unusual and intriguing answers to the most basic questions - for example, how does the thinking get into the meat - the mind and body duality.  The answer for Human Design is at a rotational angle of 11/45 of earth orbit, a magic portal opens where two separate worlds hinge together, individual by individual, rock by rock, atom by atom.  Reality only extends outwards from interlocking rotational vortices of consciousness and matter "juxtaposed".  This idea is so extraordinary, very few people can grasp it.  The result is a complete, logical, and consistent concept of space, time, biology, astronomy, physics, and so on, completely avoiding many axioms of existing thought, such as the Cartesian idea of x,y,z co-ordinates of space in snapshots of time.  Time in Human Design is not separate from space, but rotation and oscillation are mechanical products of consciousness and material form marrying together for a limited duration, over and over.  

It is inconceivable that any single individual, nor any committee of human beings, could come up with so many convoluted and extraordinary ideas at once, disregarding most of the axioms that have shaped centuries of shared human thinking.  Until now, every step of science, or "paradigm shift", only alters one or two details of science, in contrast Human Design basically starts from entirely original axioms of creation mythology, atomics, space time, ontology, epistemology, biology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and more.  Human Design might appear merely esoteric, or perhaps a new marketing fad for a pseudo religion or as some reinvented astrology, but there are those who say it is a complete and workable rival to all human ideas until now.